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Divorce Lawyers Adelaide – Areas of family law

Our divorce lawyers Adelaide are experienced in all areas of family law. This includes:

  • Property: It’s not always as simple as splitting things 50/50. Our solicitors will make sure you know your entitlements before assets are divided.
  • Spousal maintenance: A spousal maintenance claim is typically necessary in the event of divorce, or family business closure. It’s where one spouse financially supports their former spouse to some degree.
  • Superannuation: We offer superannuation advice in accordance with the provisions of the Family Law Act (1975). Superannuation can be transferred from one party’s account to another, which is often required when there is a discrepancy in entitlements.
  • Children: Co-parenting or making child support arrangements can be one of the most complex aspects of divorce. We’ll help you come up with a practical solution for your children. Don’t let family disputes rule your life, see help from our divorce lawyers Adelaide!

What our team can do to help

When it comes to divorce, there’s a range of different components that tie into the process. Our team of best divorce lawyers Adelaide are there to help you every step of the way. Some of the common questions that come up are:

  • What about the children?
  • What about the property?
  • How long does the process take?

Don’t stress! We’ll start putting your questions and concerns to rest right from the get go. Our process begins with a detailed consultation surrounding your circumstances. We give you the freedom to explain your situation and discuss your intended terms for the divorce. Once we’ve got the objective outlined, we begin negotiating with your former spouse. If you’re uncomfortable making contact, we’re happy to reach out to either them personally or their solicitor on your behalf. Our goal as divorce lawyers Adelaide is to coordinate a smooth, stress free experience for you and your family.

A little bit about the directors

Our professional divorce lawyers Adelaide have been handpicked to give the company a well-rounded edge. Family law is among life’s greatest battles, so we approach every case with compassion. This business ethic stems from the directors, Andrew Jordan and Charles Fowler. Collectively, the duo has refined its approach to creating a system that works for even the most complex of cases. Andrew is one of the most senior and experienced law practitioners in Adelaide. His ability in the courtroom is unrivaled by others in the field, and he’s highly confident in his ability to effectively resolve legal issues. Similarly, co-partner Charles Fowler has experience acting in all aspects of family law. This includes complex property settlement matters, matters involving children’s issues, child support, spousal maintenance, and international matters. For well-rounded advice and empathetic service, choose J & F Family Law to be your divorce lawyer.

Results stem from determination, and we’re 100% determined to achieve your goals. We’re supportive, caring, and make our clients the number one priority at all times. If you’re struggling through some rough times with family law, seek advice from the best divorce lawyers Adelaide. Give us a call to book your consultation on (08) 8221 5400.

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