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Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers are the best divorce lawyers Adelaide. We extend our service and support to those who need help getting through some of the toughest times in their life. We have a team of barristers, solicitors and arbitrators who provide professional advice and guidance the whole way through. We have experience in all areas of family law; having dealt with issues surrounding property settlement, child support and divorce. Our team are well-known for their detailed approach and empathetic nature. The company directors, Andrew Jordan and Charles Fowler, have extensive and well-rounded experience in the field. This experience enables them to comfortably take on even the most complex cases. Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers now offer the most comprehensive and supportive family law service in Adelaide. For all the right advice, book a consultation with the divorce solicitor Adelaide!

Best Divorce Lawyers Adelaide Process

As the divorce lawyers Adelaide, we stand by a straightforward and personalized process. First and foremost, we arrange a consultation. Our solicitors give you a platform to share your situation and outline objectives with the case. Following this appointment, we begin negotiating the terms of your divorce. If you’re not comfortable reaching out, we’re happy to make contact with either your former partner, or their solicitor on your behalf. In such situations, we encourage the use of mediation to resolve matters in the most cost-effective and timely manner. During this time, you might also require property settlement lawyers Adelaide advice. It’s helpful to our team if your bring a list of assets, liabilities, and superannuation interests with your estimated values. Even if you’re unable to supply this information, the divorce lawyers Adelaide will take care of you from end to end.

Advice on Children’s Matters

When there’s children involved in your family matters, it’s important that you always do the right thing by them. The right move is to seek professional advice from divorce lawyers before making permanent arrangements. Every family is different, so we don’t give our clients generic answers. We provide tailored solutions and approach every case with fresh integrity and compassion. Making arrangements for your children during divorce can easily be one of the most difficult aspects. However, we stress to parents that there is no obligation to split their time 50/50 if this isn’t practical. It’s important to remember that both parents are financially responsible for the child, so you don’t have to wear all of the damage. Overall, the most important thing to remember is that your child’s well being takes precedence. Our best divorce lawyers Adelaide will help you settle your family problems once and for all!

If you need help from the divorce lawyers Adelaide, look no further than Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers. Our friendly divorce specialists will make sure you feel confident from end to end. We’re dedicated to finding the most practical solutions! Call us on (08) 8221 5400.

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