Family Law Firms Adelaide

Family Law Firms Adelaide

Mediation Services

Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers offer mediation services Adelaide. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a mediator essentially communicates on your behalf. This might be with your ex-partner or family member directly, or with their solicitor. This has proven to be the most effective way to reach resolutions without running into trouble. Mediation is actively encouraged by law authorities throughout the litigation process. There have been multiple incidents where confidentiality has been breached or the process has been drawn out because of disputes. Our team:

  • Set the ground rules
  • Neutrally negotiate terms
  • Clarify the information for our clients

Your safety and comfort are our number one priority, so you can expect us to approach every matter with rationality. Our specialist expertise in family law facilitates a prompt and holistic service. Call (08) 8221 5400 to book mediation services with the best of local family law firms!

The Mediation Process

Our family law firms take mediation services Adelaide very seriously. We follow stringent guidelines, explore all possible options, and always come to a feasible solution. Here’s the general step by step approach we take to ensure a smooth process.

  1. Permission to mediate is attained from both parties
  2. Laying out the ground rules
  3. Meeting the opposing party and identifying all possible solutions
  4. Negotiating terms of agreement
  5. Putting a solution in place with a signed agreement

Courts tend to look favorably on parties that are prepared to mediate because it demonstrates a genuine desire to reach a prompt conclusion. We 100% support our clients throughout this process and understand the frustration it might incur. However, we promise to do you justice and work in your favour to the best of our abilities. Call to discuss mediation services Adelaide with the best family lawyers!

Divorce in South Australia

Mediation services Adelaide are a standard request for family law firms—and we cover all grounds. One of the more popular areas of family law we manage is divorce. Nearly 50% of relationships in Australian end with divorce. Nowadays, the system is more accessible and accommodating to encourage healthy family relationships. To be eligible for divorce, you must be able to confirm at least one of the following:

  • You were born in Australia
  • You have an Australian citizenship
  • You are lawfully present in Australia and intend on long-term stay
  • You have been living in Australia for at least 12 months, which can be confirmed on your Visa.

Notably, there are various other issues that might stem from divorce such as property settlement, co-parenting arrangements, and financial agreements. If you need mediation services from the best of family law firms Adelaide, call (08) 8221 5400!

Would mediation services Adelaide from reliable family law firms Adelaide make your life 100% easier? Call Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers on (08) 8221 5400 to learn more about our process! We’re clear, professional, and do our best to fulfill your wishes every step of the way.

Benefits of Mediation Services Adelaide

There are many benefits of opting mediation services Adelaide over having the case heard in court, including:

  • The mediation is easy and usually less stressful.
  • The parties can decide on how to resolve the matter with the guidance of a mediator. This will also eliminate the unknown element of the decision of the case at court at trial.
  • The predictability of gains and losses is more in a mediated settlement unlike if the case is settled in the court by the third person.
  • Mediation allows participants to turn out the outcomes on their own that better suit their needs.
  • Through mediation services Adelaide, the parties get the chance to express themselves on a personal level without the fear of interrogation. Sometimes the other party must know how the conflicts have impacted the affected people.
  • Mediation is also a way to resolve the case more rapidly and at a cut-rate than going to court.
  • The mediation and settlement of the case can be kept private and confidential, unlike a court case. A court case is a matter of public record, both the parties may have the risk of having bad mouth and possibly aired on media, which can be avoided through mediation.
  • Self-decided mediated negotiations can lead to settlements that are more convenient to all parties rather than imposed compromise decisions.

Keeping all these benefits in mind, opting for mediation services Adelaide with Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers is a wise step.

Family Law Lawyers Adelaide

Need of Lawyers for Mediation in Adelaide

It is always a good idea to seek help with a mediation lawyer. A mediation lawyer understands the legal affairs better and is well-informed with the mediation process so that they can advise you regarding your mediation process.

Lawyers are seldom needed in the mediation process, as mediation works to help people solve the conflicts without any interference of a judge or legal proceedings. The process and legal procedure of mediation are easy and very straight forward unlike other laws. But the cases have critical situations where even one action can change the overall scenario thus it is always a good idea to consult a lawyer.

An expert lawyer can sort the consequences of a decision for you and guide you to make the best decision through mediation. You might also ask the lawyer to review the written agreement before you approve and sign it.

Upright Mediation Services Adelaide – Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers

Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers understand the importance of the mediation process. We give importance to sensitively handling the mediator service without any inattentiveness.

Our team comprises professional mediators who can expertly guide you through the entire mediation process, preferably to a settlement that suits you.

We also respect your confidentiality and work to preserve it. Contact Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers to arrange a free first consultation to discuss how our mediation services Adelaide may help you. Because the sooner the legal issue gets resolved, the better off your life will be.

Choose the Best Mediator Services Adelaide

The success and failure of a mediation majorly depend on the mediator you choose. Find a reliable mediator while keeping below discussed factors in mind:

  • Empathetic – Choose the empathetic mediator, provide you guidance by getting into your shoes. They should express the opinion of keeping the circumstances in mind.
  • Settlement focused – As many cases don’t get settled at the first meeting it requires extraordinary patience. Choose a mediator who is prepared to take follow up and to work with the parties until the resolution of the case.
  • Subject matter expert – Choose a mediator who has expertise in the type of case at hand. With subject matter expertise an adequate process skill is also required.
  • Trained and experience – Choose a qualified mediator who has undergone the formal mediator training and also has sound experience of being a mediator. A subject matter expert without formal training is not apt. Indeed, a mediator with a lack of training may cause more harm than good to the case.
Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers is here to help you in your difficult time. If you are searching for a mediator services Adelaide who constitute all these aforesaid skill sets, connect with us today.
Call us on (08) 8221 5400 to book mediation services Adelaide with the best of local family law firms!

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